Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

How long have you been in business?

AASCO has been in business since May 1969. We are an independent family owned business located in Anne Arundel County.

Can AASCO monitor and service my current alarm system?

Yes, AASCO can monitor and service your current system.
Following this process:

  1. System is owned not leased.
  2. Some systems are proprietary or electronically locked out and may need to be upgraded.
  3. If you have a current monitoring agreement, check the term or date of renewal. Most companies require a thirty day written notice to cancel.

Will I be required to sign a multi year contract?

AASCO’s monitoring agreement on purchased systems are 1 year.

Will my system work if my phone line is out?

All systems installed by AASCO will sound locally if the system is tripped. If your land line is compromised AASCO offers an optional long range wireless back-up that can transit your alarm signal. This feature is available in most of our metropolitan area.

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