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AASCO provides business owners and managers with solutions to your security and fire concerns.

AASCO can design and install a system that will secure your business 24 hours a day. Some of our more popular services:

Opening /Closing Reports: An expanded service that enables you to identify who armed / disarmed your system and when the action was taken.

Cellular Back-up monitoring: Communicates your alarm signal to the central station via wireless transmission. Back-up service in case of land line service interruption or tampering.

Silent Hold-Up: Communicates a duress situation enabling the operators to advise the responding authorities.

Fire and Sprinkler Systems monitoring: Communicates fire, supervisory and trouble conditions.

Digital environmental monitoring: Communicates temperature and humidity deviations as determined by equipment specifications. Applications: server closets, computer rooms, water supply closets.

Partitioning: Now you can have a separate (partitioned) alarm for your office, server closet or inventory bay without purchasing separate systems.

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